Daily Dose of Multivitamins Can Help You Fight Air Pollution

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Air is one of the most essential elements for the sustenance of all living things on earth. The purer the air, the healthier our lifestyle can be. However, the present scenario is really horrifying. Pollution levels in many cities of India have exceeded the national air quality standards and this, in turn, is causing life threatening situations.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in few cities have even touched the mark of 999 which is a grave cause of concern. The high levels of particulate matter (PM) all over north India is indicative of hazardous and unhealthy air streaming eastwards. According to researchers, the severe air pollution can affect the health of people residing in these areas. Infact, it can cause more serious impacts on those with existing health problems.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is referred to as the presence of hazardous substances in the atmosphere that can cause harm to the health of humans and other living beings. This pollution can also cause damage to the climate or to various materials.

Here are some of the causes of air pollution:

Burning of fossil fuels
Hazardous emissions from industries
Use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Spread of wildfires
Microbial decaying process
Use of vehicles
Open burning of waste products
Construction and demolition activities
Use of synthetic and chemical products
Use of pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural activities

Here are some harmful effects of air pollution on human health:

Inhalation of particulate matter can cause coughing and runny nose
Pollution can cause inflammation and shortness of breath
Air pollution can degrade our immune system
If you are exposed to impure air for long time then it might cause cardiovascular diseases too
It can cause inflammation in the uterus and lead to preterm birth
It can cause lung damage and in case of small children pollution can lead to abnormal growth of lungs
Exposure to air pollution can also cause damage to our liver and cause the formation of fibrosis
Due to pollution life expectancy can go down
It can cause irritation in eyes, nose and ear
It can cause damage to nervous system
It can cause damage to your skin
Preventive Measures:

There are various preventive measures that we can take to reduce the health hazards associated with air pollution. One of the best ways of doing so is including multivitamins to your regular diet plan. Yes! You read that right. Regular consumption of multivitamin supplements can help in preventing the health risks caused by air pollution.

Including multivitamin tablets or capsules can help you fight the harmful effects of pollution. Let us have a look on how these dietary supplements can help in preventing the health hazards caused by air pollution:

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